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Noel Corral

May 21, 2015

Founder and Co-Creator Noel Corral was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Northlake, a small suburb within the Chicagoland area.  Growing up with 3 older brothers, Noel was given a wide range of exposure to media, knowledge,and alternative viewpoints on life and its great mysteries.  As an entertainment enthusiast, he became a very creative person who wished to provide entertainment to the masses, sometimes in the form of writing. Being at times a very opinionated yet informed person who loves a good debate, he was dubbed "the unlicensed lawyer" by his family and friends.  A practitioner of meditation, yoga, and mixed martial arts, Noel has been described by many as a zen-like sage.  Well rounded from his upbringing,  he has grown to love various forms of music, film, and genres of video games.  From an early age, he found himself to be a libertarian reader, engaged in reading material spanning subjects from politics, science, religion and spirituality, to sports and entertainment.  A lover of nature, Noel is seen by many as a kindred spirit who respects and finds peace in the outdoors.  An advocate for and member of the Aspergers community, Noel has overcome many social and physical challenges that have allowed him to have a "comedic" and balanced view on life.