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Daniel Corral Sr

September 24, 2015

Founder and Co-Creator Daniel Corral Sr. was born in Chicago, IL in the late 70's.  He at an early age fell in love with entertainment in the form of comic books, video games, music, and films.  A peaceful person, he enjoys time with his family and time outdoors.  Daniel is a visionary of sorts with a knack for putting pen to page and bringing his visual idea to life.  A hardworking and determined man, he spends a lot of his time challenging himself in and out of the office to support his family and allow him the luxury of immersing himself in the entertainment he grew up loving so much.  Becoming friends with Andy at an early age led to the building of a brotherly bond that has spanned over 2 decades.  His friendship has allowed him to expand his knowledge not only though his dedication to reading and informing himself, but also through healthy and sometimes very energetic debates..  An open minded individual, he brings a lot of respect and zen energy to any person who he comes in contact with.